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TOTEM Project

TOolbox for Traffic Engineering Methods

DAMOTE (Decentralized Agent for Mpls Online Traffic Engineering)


Code download

1.0 tar.gzProvides JNI interface and configurable score function. Integrated in toolbox release 1.0.29th April 2005
1.1 tar.gzSeveral bug fixes, modification of the "load" score function, enhancements for Solaris compatibility. Integrated in toolbox release 1.1.24th May 2005
1.1.2 tar.gzModified JNI interface25th August 2006
1.1.3 tar.gzPreemption can occur if multiple OA are used27th November 2007

Package contains three directories

Scenario XML Schema

DAMOTE has no specific scenario event.


See the TOTEM documentation.

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