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TOolbox for Traffic Engineering Methods

REOPT and LSP Dimensioning

REOPT and LSP Dimensioning are algorithms written by Sandford Bessler and Tran Tuan Hung respectively (both from FTW). These algorithms have been integrated in the toolbox by Sandford Bessler, Tran Tuan Hung, Simon Balon, Olivier Delcourt, Jean Lepropre and Fabian Skivée.


Code download

LSPDimensioning.tar.gzIntegrated in toolbox release 2.0.30th January 2006
Reopt.tar.gzIntegrated in toolbox release 2.0.30th January 2006

Use the script compile_C to compile LSPDimensioning. Use compile to re-create the library.

Scenario XML Schema

The Scenario XML Schema is available for download:

VersionRelease dateComment
1.030th January 2005First release


Please see the TOTEM user guide for documentation.

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