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TOolbox for Traffic Engineering Methods

SAMCRA (Self-Adaptive Multiple Constraints Routing Algorithm)

SAMCRA is an algorithm designed and written by Fernando Antonio Kuipers and integrated in the TOTEM toolbox by Eguzki Astiz Lezaun (both from TUDelft).

You can find much more information about SAMCRA here.


Code download

SAMCRA.tar.gzIntegrated in toolbox release 2.0.27th January 2006

The source code is contained in the src directory. Procedure for compilation:

  1. Check that machine dependent flags are correct: FLAGS_P4, FLAGS, CC, JNI_INCLUDE_PATH, INCLUDE_PATH and LD flags.
  2. Execute: make clean (it cleans objects and creates directory structure).
  3. Execute: make all.

Scenario XML Schema

SAMCRA has no specific scenario event.


Please see this page for documentation about SAMCRA.

Related papers

Please see this page for papers about SAMCRA.
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